Grande To Host FCA ‘Fields of Faith’

Abilene Cooper 24, Midland Lee 14
July 24, 2017

Grande To Host FCA ‘Fields of Faith’

Students from Lee and MHS will be joining thousands of other youth on athletic fields all across America on Wednesday, October 12, 2011, to share their Christian faith with fellow students during the sixth annual national ‘Fields of Faith’ event. This rapidly-growing, interdenominational outreach event will be held at more than 475 locations throughout the nation on this same date.

The national growth of ‘Fields of Faith’ has been remarkable. Since the beginning in 2004, over half a million students have joined in the movement. In 2010 alone, more than 150,000 students gathered on 475 fields across 40 states to participate in the event. It’s not just those numbers that have FCA organizers excited about ‘Fields of Faith’. It’s the real-life impact that these gatherings are having on young people. Last year’s series of events saw 3,568 students make first-time faith commitments to follow Jesus Christ and 5,290 recommitted their life to Christ.

“The impact of ‘Fields of Faith’ has been incredible in just these past few years,” said Les Steckel, FCA president and former veteran NFL coach. “It’s all about young people in these communities coming together on their school’s athletic field and challenging each other to go back to the fundamentals and coming to faith in Jesus Christ.”

While ‘Fields of Faith’ has its roots with FCA leadership, the event is designed to include multiple national Christian organizations, local churches and ministries. A local leadership team will determine the program of each event.

“Fields of Faith challenges this generation to be committed to reading the Bible and living a transformed life for Jesus Christ,” said Martin. “It’s students challenging students, peers challenging peers and that’s the heart and soul of the event. We are seeing entire communities changed because of ‘Fields of Faith’.”